Modern drive technology in a new dimension

High efficiency, load-dependent control, and an individual design for every application – this is the ideal drive.

Escalate to future-oriented drive solutions with torque motors from A+K Antriebe GmbH – now!


You will benefit from our focus on electric motor components, which we integrate directly into the process. This innovative concept eliminates transmission components and significantly improves the efficiency of your production processes.

This results in higher system efficiency and good controllability. In addition, you can achieve increased reliability and significant cost reduction for the entire system resulting, for example, from the elimination of maintenance for the transmission components that are no longer necessary. You will also have the space-saving advantage of the direct drives’ minimized installation space.


Direct drives – Start into the future

The time is ripe for the extensive use of torque motors in numerous branches of mechanical and plant engineering.

A+K Antriebe GmbH designs direct drives precisely suited to industrial applications and compact units. The high degree of standardization of our drives ensures high cost-efficiency and improved energy consumption in your systems.


Three factors improve energy efficiency: the direct drive scores with high system performance and optimized speed ranges. With reduced installation space, you save on operating materials and reduce maintenance costs. You also actively contribute to the conservation of resources.

Customized to the customer

We provide complete series of direct drives for your industrial application – with a high degree of standardization. You secure significant cost advantages through a reduced component spectrum and greater flexibility when using the motors in the process.

Precise adjustability

The technology of our permanent-magnet synchronous motors is based on the direct integration of the drive into the process without gear technology. The result is highly dynamic rotations and high efficiency – premium and super premium – in every application.

Direct motor

The best possible solution for any specific application up to 4MW capacity

Highly qualified engineers and specialized software

Guarantees of success for individual development and construction of their direct drives.


The components of modern PM technology:

Compact, safe and maintenance-free – in any application

Moderne Antriebstechnik in neuer Dimension


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